Nature Communications 2015 Supplementary Data Files

Riabinina, O, Task, D, Marr, E, Lin, C-C, Alford R, O’Brochta, DA, Potter, CJ.  Organization of Olfactory Centers in the Malaria Mosquito Anopheles gambiae. Nature Communications. 2016;7,1–12.  Link

Including 3D models of the Anopheles antennal lobe.

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Source data files


Recommended free viewers include freeWRL or Cortona 3D Viewer.

  • Model S1  Antennal Lobe 3D Model, transparent (3D .wrl file, 210.5 mb). Related to Fig. 4a.
  • Model S2  3D Model of adult SEZ with nerve bundles (3D .wrl file, 22 mb). Related to Fig. 4d.
  • Model S3  3D Model of proboscis backfill in the SEZ.  (3D .wrl file, 22 mb). Related to Fig. 4d.

High Resolution Supplemental Figures

(from Supplemental Information)