FRT Map Position

Map Sites of Commonly Used FRT Insertions

FRT Name Previous Map Position Splinkerette Map Position Insertion Site Inside natural transposon Insertion Notes
P{neoFRT}19A 19A 19A2 X:19804903 jockey and Rtc1 Repetitive region
P{neoFRT}40A 40A 40A3 2L:21794705   1st intron of CG31612
P{FRT(whs)}G13 42B 42B1 2R:2389386   5’ region of jing
P{neoFRT}42D 42D 42D6 2R:2760212   Inside 1st exon of coro
P{FRT(whs)}2A 79D-F 80B1 3L:22865175   5’ region of Arf79f
P{neoFRT}80B 80B 80D1 3L:23096809 1360{3899} 3’ region of CkII alpha
P{neoFRT}82B 82B 82B2 3R:278974   5’ region of CG31522